23.07.2023, 16:02

new studdog! meet Llangadog Joe, an exciting young dog


16.06.2023, 16:03

North Hill Sam and Llangadog Nap are qualified for the CSC 2023 in Sweden


09.06.2023, 15:56

Jody, Penny and Joe passed their eyetest


29.05.2023, 22:13

BlackJack passed his ophthalmologic eyetest free and is Glaucoma free


29.05.2023, 22:06

Llangadog Arawn at stud at Nigel Watkins' place Wales


07.04.2023, 22:23

Litter plans!

Please check out the site planned litter for winter 2023/2024    mehr

01.02.2023, 21:03

2 exciting young dogs in the team

Penny and Blackjack are two young, very promising, talented and already very successful dogs. I am very happy to have them here! Now they have got their own pages. Nap´s and North Hill Sam´s health results...   mehr

01.01.2023, 21:15

North Hill Sam qualified Team captain for World Sheepdogtrials 2023

I can proudly announce that North Hill Sam is Team Captain of the Austrian Team for the World Sheepdogtrials September 2023 held in Northern Ireland! He did an amazing job by winning 2 of 4 counted...   mehr

08.01.2022, 18:36

Arawn at stud | North Hill Sam´s ophthalmologic eyetest updated

Arawn will be at stud. Very genuine, honest, fast, forward going and stylish dog. Arawn is an absolute teamplayer! North Hill Sam passed the eyetest again. result: free of all eyes diseases.    mehr

21.02.2021, 22:06

new pictures of Nap x Jody litter

pups are 3,5 weeks old now. All have a very lovely nature. One very well build and selfconfident dog pup will be available. breeding-plans-litters | current-litter   mehr

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