02.02.2021, 22:01

Pups by Nap x Jody are born 26th of january

Within 3 hours Jody whelped 3 dogs and 5 bitches. You will find information about this beautiful litter on breeding | plans | litters at current litter   mehr

22.01.2021, 19:55

North Hill Sam is EAOD (early adult onset deafness) clear


22.12.2020, 22:28

Jody is in pup! :)


25.11.2020, 20:07

Jody was mated to Nap today :)

Fingers crossed for a nice litter in about 2 months    mehr

22.11.2020, 17:53

Eyetest for Nap and Jody

Nap and Jody passed their eyetest on wednesday. Nap also got Gonioscopy. all free!   mehr

13.11.2020, 22:26

JODY is in heat

Jody is in heat and will be mated to Nap   mehr

10.11.2020, 23:24

Nigel Watkins' Nap at stud

Nap will be at stud in winter 2020/2021 Here you will find all informations about Nap   mehr

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